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"Waah! Stop making fun of us!"

Apparently, there's a push for the UN to ban blasphemy. First the Mormons fuck with a ballot measure that has nothing to do with them, now this bullshit? I think some people are forgetting a few things:

1. It's not blasphemy unless you're actively practicing the religion. I, as an atheist, am incapable of committing blasphemy. Your dumb-fuck little rules only apply to the people who actively choose to follow them. The rest of us will do whatever the fuck we want, whenever the fuck we want to.

2. Making fun of you for believing some silly bullshit is not blasphemy either. It is ridicule. And you would be deserving enough of it for simply believing the silly bullshit. But the truth is that your silly bullshit gets people killed. Every day, all over the world. And it fucks up the lives of countless others. We make fun of you for it because it is the only non-violent way we have of dealing with the wreckage your silly bullshit leaves behind.

3. Be careful how you throw around the word "terrorist." Likewise "persecution." We have shown infinite patience and above-and-beyond accommodation to you and your silly bullshit. We're not trying to get you to change. We just want you fuckers to shut up and leave us alone. We don't want to torture you into confessing anything, or hang you for being accused of the impossible by bored little girls, or steal airplanes and fly them into your buildings, or any of the other atrocities that you fuckers have been guilty of over the centuries. If you want us to act like terrorists towards you, or show you what real persecution is, say the word. All we have to do is start treating you the way you treat everyone else.