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Poor, poor Rutherford

(I'm going to try to post more regularly. I promise. Pinky-swear, even.)

A funny thing happened at work today. I was laying out a batch of street signs for a small town in Washington that shall remain anonymous, for now. The order was for a bunch of signs for streets named after former Presidents. Lots of towns have such a section, and so it's not uncommon for me to make signs for Lincoln, Adams, Jefferson, Grant, et cetera, streets.

But the fair city of [Stiwtsrafn] also requested a couple unusual ones: Garfield, Harding, and... "Hays."

Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States, wasn't notable for a whole lot. He was one of the first of the Dickhead Republican Presidents, a tradition that I'm sincerely hoping does not continue into 2009, but otherwise he's basically just a historical footnote. But being President does get you streets named after you.

Now, if you're going to name a street after a President, it's usually proper to spell his name right. I pointed out the error to my boss, who took it to his boss, who checked the paperwork, and nope... the mistake wasn't on our end. The customer actually wants "Hays" instead of "Hayes."

Well, hey... the customer is always right. So we're making the sign as ordered. Like my boss says, we'll probably end up re-doing it after someone at their end points out the error, but that's for another day.

But if you happen to live in the fair city of [Stiwtsrafn], or know the history teacher at [Stiwtsrafn] High School, you might want to point it out. You know, for Rutherford's sake.


actually, the proper thing to do

is tell the customer. I've sent jobs to my printers with spelling mistakes and I was ever so grateful when they let me know I had one and corrected it for me. I would have been in trouble more times than I already was for not spellchecking if it hadn't been for our old sales rep reading our weekly newsletter before sending it to print.


The next town over (Moscow, ID) has that same mistake in their section of dead Presidents. I found it very amusing and always wondered if I was the only one who noticed.


it's been 16 days. You pinky swore more posts!!!! We're too close to the election for you not to have SOMETHING to say! :-D

Re: Hey!!!

sorry... I'm too nervous about it to have much to say. I'd like to believe that people aren't stupid enough to vote for the Old Man and the Bimbo, but the trouble is that I've met too many stupid people. I'm just kinda holding my breath until it's all over.

And I do have other things to post about, but with my computer all the way out here in the studio, I can't just sit down and fire off a quick post like before. I have to make a conscious effort to get out here.