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In which I say some terribly un-PC things

I haven't said much about this on this blog, because I didn't want to really say the things I've been thinking. But it has become apparent that familiarity does breed contempt, and generalizations are sometimes very accurate, and I have discovered an entire ethnic group that I don't like.

Basically, it all started with this nasty, unusually hot summer we've been having in Oregon. It pretty much feels just like California around here right now. Not quite as hot as in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, where three digits are the norm for most of July and August, but plenty hot. And dry. We haven't had a drop of rain in a month. We had rain every day until mid June, and then it just stopped. And someone put the knob on "Broil" and left it there.

We live on the second floor of an apartment building overlooking a swimming pool. We chose this view over another apartment, which overlooked a Dumpster. For most of the summer, we would have preferred the Dumpster.

Every kid in the apartment complex is in or around the pool, all the time. Thousands of them. Most of our neighbors are Hispanic, which means they each have eight kids and zero discipline. And they all love to blast some sort of noise that they seem to think is music. And they hang out in the stairwell and jabber away, with the echo and the lack of weatherstripping on the door making it sound like they're standing in our living room. We are surrounded by noise, of various degrees of unpleasantness, for most of the day. We might have been able to pick a worse apartment complex, but I think it would have taken a conscious effort. It's hell here. We hate it.

We yell at them to turn down the music. We report them to the apartment manager. We call the cops. Everything is a temporary fix. Just when I think we've gotten through to them, I hear one of their bratty little spawn out on its balcony, blowing a toy horn across the courtyard. Its parents seem to think it has the right to do this. There is almost always garbage in the parking lot, and usually it includes beer cans. Cars with no mufflers buzz up and down the parking lot at all hours, blaring the same shitty excuse for music. None of them go to bed, or in fact even go inside, until about midnight. On weekdays. Five of their kids were playing in a pile of discarded furniture next to the carports when I came home. In the middle of fucking suburbia! The buildings were all painted earlier this year, and now they're all trashed-looking again.

We signed a year lease on this torture chamber, never imagining that it would get so bad. Honestly, I had no idea the Mexicans from California had discovered Oregon. I thought we'd be rid of them, moving up here. Had I known, I might have suggested we move to Canada. Surely they can't cross TWO borders to annoy us, can they?

I haven't seen any signs of anyone trying to improve their situation, or taking any pride in their homes, or anything. There doesn't seem to be any purpose or goal to anything they do. All they seem to do is consume and reproduce. Oh, but they're all Catholic, so they're all "God's children" and therefore special, in their opinion.

(You think I'm being racist, don't you? Fine. YOU live with the fuckers for a while.)

We have to get away from here. We have to have a piece of land we can forbid people to set foot on, and a structure with its own freestanding walls. We need some peace and quiet and sanity.

So we started looking for a house, just to keep ourselves sane. Then we found out we could break our lease if we pay a one-month penalty. Sold! Just let us find a place, and we're history. Once we're gone, they can trash the place, for all I care. And I'm certain they will. They're already working hard at it.

We thought we had found a place, but the inspection didn't go well. And then we started thinking about it, and even if we fixed everything that was wrong with it, it still wouldn't be right. So instead of rushing, we're trying really hard to take the time to find the right place. Which means we're stuck here for a little while longer. It's supposed to be in the nineties all weekend. It's gonna suck.

Oh, and the book is on hold until we move. I can't even begin to concentrate with all this goddamn racket.



I really feel for you guys

I've had those annoying as hell neighbors, too. I've never contemplated murder until I heard them blasting their crap "music" so loud I couldn't even hear my TV any more. And then get all offended when you ask them to turn it down.

I think it's less a racism thing and more a "stupid people" thing. If they were Caucasian, I sense you'd be every bit as annoyed. Who wouldn't? The brats lack discipline and parenting, the parents are simply BAD PARENTS, and there's no outside help. It's not a good situation for you.

I was once actually able to transfer apartments in one of my complexes because of the noise - I told them "Switch me or I'm outta there," and since I actually PAID my rent, they didn't want to lose me. Anyway, try it (only ask nicely, because they're more agreeable that way), the worst they can say is "Sorry, can't." And maybe you'll get the Dumpster of your dreams. You can put Christmas lights on it for the holidays. Can't do that with a pool, now, can you?

Re: I really feel for you guys

In fairness, the first neighbors we had problems with were white tra-- I mean Caucasian. A lovely meth-head couple who liked to have fights (we're talking knock-down drag-out fistfights) at three o-clock in the morning.

It's just that, somehow, the "music" and the kids and the constant chatter is ten times worse when it's in a language you don't understand. At least they understand "shut the fuck up," even if they don't necessarily comply.

And we thought about switching apartments, but by the time we thought of it the other one was rented, and the only vacancies were the one next door (the former meth-heads) and the one below it. Both of them are now rented, too, to gigantic Hispanic families. I swear there are twelve people living next door, although the landlord only claims there are five.


Re: I really feel for you guys

Aw, hell, no good. I guess the only recourse now is to photograph those brats in dangerous situations and report them to Child/ Protective Services (who might thin the herd a bit until they pop out some new ones).

Or invest in earplugs and learn sign language.

Stupid apartments. It's the shit that people can figure out how to create a touch screen, but can't (won't) figure out how to soundproof an apartment cheaply. Whoever invents that is going to be a bazillionaire.


Re: I really feel for you guys

Oops - I think I've been posting anonymously, but it's Beth. Because I'm snarky enough to suggest sicking the INS or CPS on bad neighbors.

Minnesota misses you.