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But... if we don't beat them up, how will they know we're scared of them?

Just because it's been a while since I posted something that absolutely disgusted me:

It's Okay to Beat Up Gays in North Carolina

Jesus Handjob Motherfucking Christ on a fucking Wheat Thin. Is there anything you fucking Christian rednecks aren't terrified of? Seriously, how empty and shallow and meaningless are your lives, that you put so much time and effort into worrying about what other people do in their bedrooms? And isn't the whole "he's difern't, so we hafta hit him" thing getting just a little bit old? Look, you retarded inbred hicks. No one wants to fuck you anyplace you don't want to be fucked, so just fucking relax and live and let live, all right? Bloody hell, you people make my brain hurt.

And, although I realize that logic is not your strong suit, I feel I must point out that since you draw the line based on your belief that homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic (which is fucking bullshit, by the way), your precious Jeebus lies on the same side of that line, since Christianity is demonstrably a choice. What this means for your sister-fucking school kids is this: If it's acceptable for your kid to beat up another kid for being gay, it is equally acceptable for the gay kid to beat up yours for being Christian. Didn't think about that, did you? Fuck, you people are dumb.