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It shouldn't even be a contest

Well, we've got our nominee for President. And as usual, he wasn't my first choice, but he was higher up his respective list than John Kerry was on his. I'd rather have seen Mike Gravel or John Edwards up there, but I like Barack Obama. And I like him even more after watching his acceptance speech, which was eloquent, gracious, passionate, and not easily summed up in a sound bite, which is why I recommend that you watch the whole thing. It's 29 minutes long, but worth it.

And already there are rumblings of the sort of sour-grapes factioning that messed things up for Kerry, and Gore, and nearly messed up Bill Clinton's second term. People who supported Hillary Clinton are, here and there, making noise about not liking Obama and therefore entertaining the possibility of not voting for him.

This is unforgivable.

Barack Obama may not be the person you were hoping would get nominated for the Democrats, but it's official. And we're not going to uproot the whole two-party system in the six months between now and the general election. So it's simple, really; you have to vote for Obama. Because the alternative is unthinkable.

John McCain is an amoral, batshit insane, complete and utter motherfucker. He is a contemptible excuse for a human being, let alone an American who wants to serve in public office. He deserves to be recalled from his Senate seat, though so do many Senators. He is a liar and a warmonger and is thoroughly incompetent at the job of leading, because he doesn't want to lead.

He wants to rule.

We've had a batshit insane and totally incompetent ruler for eight years now, and look where it's gotten us: stuck in a war and a recession, neither of which those who caused them are willing to fix or even acknowledge; hated and ridiculed by nearly every other nation on Earth, scared of our own shadows, retreating into our dark living rooms with the shades drawn to spy on the neighbors and soak up passive entertainment from the idiot box in the corner. We are, in short, exactly where John McCain wants us to be. He will give us four years of the same, only more so.

Will Obama do any better? Is there any substance behind his Mr-Smith-Goes-To-Washington optimism? I don't know. I like to think so, but we can't know that until and unless we give him a chance to try. That's the point. You can't wish problems away; you have to try to fix them. And even if your fix doesn't work, you have to try something else. You have to be willing to take a chance on something or someone, because your only alternative is putting up with things the way they are. And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty goddamned sick and tired of the way things are.

So enough with the petty squabbling bullshit, okay? I'm not going to tell anyone to vote for Barack Obama. I am, however, going to beseech people to vote AGAINST John McCain. America deserves better than that piece of shit. We deserve a chance to mend.