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It's your one-way ticket to midnight

I just had one of those funny little moments happen. I was on my way home, flipping thru radio stations, and landed on the classic rock station, which was playing an old Sammy Hagar song I haven't heard in forever. I turned it up, and a few seconds later made the turn onto my street.

In the turn lane facing the opposite direction was a cool old car that caught my attention: an early-Seventies Nova, in that coppery-gold color, jacked up in the back on Cragars and air shocks. I glanced at the driver... a kid probably still in his teens, sporting a sweet mullet, and bopping his head in time to the same song I was listening to. He obviously had the same station on.

I don't know if the car or the hairdo or the music came first for him, but however it happened, Nova-dude, you rule. Rock on, young savior.
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