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Bitchin' Camaro, Part II

I know this will come as a shock to some people, but I'm something of a car guy.

As such, I have different priorities when looking for a vehicle than others. One of those priorities is a List of Cars I Should Own At Some Point. The list is not so much a list of makes and models as it is a list of types of cars I'd like to get my hands on sometime.

It consists of:
- British sports car, preferably a convertible (MGB or similar)
- Italian sports car, Alfa or Fiat preferred
- Mazda RX7 or Miata, either will do
- Jeep, Scout, Bronco, or Blazer (old, no carpet, manual transmission... you know, a real SUV)
- Air-cooled VW (I had a Super Beetle for a summer, but I only put about 800 miles on it, so that really doesn't count)
- Vintage pickup truck (anything older than me is fine)
- Pony/muscle car

And it's that last one on the list that I'll probably go for next.

Which is why I've been pricing out used Camaros.

Save the mullet-and-Metallica-tapes jokes, please. I don't care. It is my firm belief that every car guy should own a Camaro, Firebird, or Mustang sometime in their lives, and I want mine now that I'm past the expensive-insurance phase of my life, but before I get to the age when look ridiculous behind the wheel.

A Firebird would be okay, too, but I don't want one with that big ridculous bird decal on the hood. And I might consider exactly the right Mustang, but that's a very narrow category.

But a Camaro is what I really want. And there are plenty of them around. I would lean towards a V8 with a manual, of course, but an automatic or a six-cylinder would be acceptable. They did come with a four-cylinder briefly in the Eighties, but I think about five people bought one and everyone else has forgotten they ever existed (put it this way: I worked on cars for five years and I saw exacly one four-banger Camaro in all that time).

There seem to be plenty of them for sale up there, too, in about the $1500 range. I like the looks of the older 2nd generation (seventies) style cars better, but I know that the later (eighties) style was a far better car, more reliable, better handling, easier to drive.

Now, yes, obviously, a more practical move would be to buy one of the myriad Honda Accords available for sale for the same price. But I bought a practical car out of necessity here, and I hate it. The Focus is quite possibly the least car-guy car ever made, and I'm tired of it. I can't deny who I am, and I am a car guy whose time to own a Camaro has come.
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