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Albus Poufy Nancyboy Ponce Dumbledore

Oh Em Gee, did you hear? Dumbledore is teh GAY!!! Oh no, now we have even more cause to freak out over a children's story! And how dare she ruin those books for us? We'll never be able to read them the same way again!

...And so on, and so on.

Amid all the furor, allow me to make a couple of points:

1. Duh.

2. Doesn't change a thing. He's still the "Obi-Wan" of the series, and as such, what may or may not have happened between him and Grindelwald after the lights went out in Gryffindor Tower really doesn't matter. It simply isn't important to the story...

3. ...which is precisely why she didn't say anything about it in the books. But if you're being honest with yourself as you write, at some point the characters will start telling you all sorts of things about themselves, which you may not have guessed. All of these things are vital to characterization, but not all of them matter in terms of story. Your job as a storyteller is to leave out the things that don't matter and include the things that do. If you must include all the fascinating bits of lore that aren't part of the story, then publish your own Silmarillion after the fact. But don't expect a whole lot of readers.

4. If you think it's easy to write even one novel, let alone a seven-book fantasy epic, and that you could do better, then by all means, start writing.
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