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Another reason to love her

My darling wife has had her eye on a beat-up old International-Harvester Scout near her workplace for months. And apparently, this morning, the little blue truck was sporting a "For Sale" sign.

Now, we're going to sell both cars before we move, so we'll need to find something cheap to drive up there. It will have to be reliable enough to handle a 1000 mile drive, gutsy enough to tow a small trailer, big enoguh for both of us and the cats on the way up there, and reliable enough to use as a daily driver once we get there.

I was thinking along the lines of a used Nissan Pathfinder, since I have an affinity for Nissan trucks (I had a Datsun 720 pickup just after college that I loved). Or possibly an S-10 Blazer, or an Isuzu Rodeo. Good trucks all, inexpensive used, and plenty reliable if you find a good one.

But a Scout?

Sure, they're roughly the same size. They're tough as nails, and easy to fix, and can certainly manage a trailer. But compared to even a base model Pathfinder, they're downright primitive, especially this one. It's an old model 800 from 1967, which means it almost certainly doesn't have power steering or brakes. Probably a 3-speed manual. No carpet. No radio, unless you put one in.

I point all this out to her, and she says, "So?"

And you know what? I can totally see her driving that old Scout, her tattooed right arm crunching that big gearshift back and forth, singing along to a crappy Target stereo that we stuck in the dash somehow. It's an image that makes me smile.

She called the number and left a message to find out more about it. I just hope she lets me drive it once in a while.