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A reminder of what we can do

This poster is from an art exhibit that was part of the Works Progress Administration, part of the "New Deal" in the 1930s. It is because of the WPA that we have our national parks, US highways, dams, airports, and lots of other bits of infrastructure.

This is what America is capable of when we put our minds to it, when we have a true leader, not a ruler, when we decide to fix rather than blame.

This is an image of an America on the mend, a place of opportunity and growth, not perfect by any means, but willing to learn, to try, to grow.

We have none of that now.

The world of Roosevelt and Churchill has been inherited by Bush and Blair (and whatever the new guy's name is), and they have made a mockery of their sworn duties. They are not fit to occupy the offices of their predecessors, nor are they worthy of the respect and admiration those men commanded.

Maybe one day, after the smoke of their wreckage clears, we can have a New New Deal, and put our world to rights.

(the above image is part of a collection of WPA posters that can be found here. Look through them; they're beautiful...)
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