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RIP, Mr. Wizard

There are people who shape the course of your life, even if you never see them other than on a television screen. And Don Herbert was, for me and so many others, one of those people.

He made us "get" science. We watched in awe as Mr. Wizard did it, and then we went to the kitchen and did it ourselves. And that awe was replaced by understanding and a sense of power. Mr. Wizard could do it, and now we could too.

With everythig that's going on in the world today, we could use a quiet, calm, eloquent voice of reason. But sadly I don't see amyone taking up the post. We need a new Mr. Wizard.

I'm sitting here all misty-eyed, but the fact is, Don Herbert left the world forever changed for the better, and you can't ask for more than that. Thanks, Mr. Wizard. I'll miss you.


God Damnit! I LOVED MR. WIZARD! :( Oh well, good on him for making us all "get" science and enjoying it.

Maybe Bill Nye will be the new Mr. Wizard. ;)
Yeah, but Bill Nye is no spring chicken either. And I just can't take Beakman's World or Mythbusters seriously as explaining science.

In fact, it really pissed me off a couple years ago when Mythbusters started putting up those "Warning - Science Content" messages when they were about to explain something, as if science were a bad thing.

The great thing about Mr. Wizard was that he demonstrated basic principles of physics and chemistry using stuff from a kitchen. But I guess there isn't enough "wow" in that for kids today. You have to blow up a cement truck.
Science content warnings?! WTF? What's next? "Warning - Learning Ahead."

I've never seen Beakman's World, but Mythbusters just annoys the crap out of me. I know Bill Nye ain't no spring chicken, but he's young enough to take up the reigns, IMO.