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Power to the people? Really?

Woohoo! Some good political news for once.

Both Barack Obama and John Edwards have sent letters to the Democratic National Committee requesting that the Democratic debates be copyright-free.

Both letters mention Creative Commons, which is an alternative to traditional copyright that I fully support (and use). Both letters show an understanding of the problems with the current copyright system, and why political debates need to be placed outside that system. And I am anxious to hear the response from the more "mainstream" factions of the Democratic party.

In the "normal" course of events, debates are televised on a certain TV network, and that network "owns" the contents of the debate. They can edit it as they see fit, re-broadcast only the sound bites they like, cherry-pick the message that the public sees.

What this quiet request from these two men means is that no one would "own" the content of the debates. The debates in their entirety would be available on the internet for anyone to watch, study, and draw their own conclusions from. This is how it should be, and I applaud these two for standing up and saying so.

I know, there are more pressing issues in this country, what with that pesky war and the continued dilution of civil rights and all. But just think about this for a second: these are two major politicians, requesting that power be placed in the hands of the people. How often does that happen?

Not to mention, is there any chance at all of a similar move by the Republicans? Don't hold your breath.