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Well I thought about the Army...

Wow. Even the women in "this man's Army" are homophobic:

Army Recruiter Goes Crazy

Scroll down into the comments a ways, and there is a link to the entire email exchange in PDF form, if you want to read the whole thing. But the "good parts" are in the main article.

Basically, Army recruiter Sgt. Marcia Ramode saw this guy's resume on Career Builder, contacted him about a job opprtunity, and mentioned it was in the military. He replied that he'd love to talk to her about the job, and mentioned offhand that he was gay, and he asssumed that was cool now, right?

After that, her tone changed and her next response was in all caps.

And it all went downhill from there.

This is a representative of the United States Military, acting in her official role here. These emails are all from her official Army email address (which is why it's cool that we're plastering it all over the internet; thanks FOIA!). For a US government official to speak in this way in an official capacity is just disgusting. This woman deserves a court-martial.

I know, I know; "officially," gays are not allowed in the military. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If you want to keep up that stupid backward policy, fine, I guess. But a polite "Sorry, but no" would have sufficed. There was no reason for the angry editorial.

And I suppose some people will say he should have taken advantage of DADT and kept his mouth shut and applied for the job anyway. Bullshit. I worked for a year and a half in a place where I was the only Democrat and the only social liberal, and this was during the Lewinsky scandal. Every day, my boss and co-workers listened to Rush Limbaugh and badmouthed Clinton and I had to stand there and take it. And that was only over political views. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like trying to hide your sexuality to avoid being fired. No one should ever have to hide who they are because someone who has power over them disagrees.

As for all her jingoistic "Freedom isn't free," "you need me on that wall" bullshit, the single biggest threat to freedom in this country is from within. You're goddamn right it isn't free. It takes time and effort and money and heartache from people like us to keep people like her (and her bosses) in check. We need to keep shouting and exercising our freedoms to make sure they don't take them away. It has fuck-all to do with the military, or this trumped-up "war" we're in. It has everything to do with that piece of paper they keep wiping their asses with. You know, the one that gives them a job in the first place?

I used to have respect for those in the military, but it's waning fast. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to claim to support a group of people who are blindly following increasingly immoral orders, especially when they think they can openly bully the people they work for (everyone in the government, at every level, works for the citizens, and they would do well to remember it).

So please, talk about this case. Spread the word. Defend our country by calling this bitch to the carpet.



Excellent post!

Are you fucking serious?

There is no doubt the recruiter was set up. Its so clear anyone can see it. First a gay person like this Corey fellow posts a resume on a job site because they claim they are looking for a job. But what they are really doing is setting a trap, and Sgt. Marcia Ramode fell for it hook line and sinker. Its now clear that Corey just posted the resume so to snare some God fearing good American. Ramode never would have contacted Corey were it not for the fact that Corey posted their resume on line looking for work. If gay people don’t want this sort of thing to happen, they should just not look for work. Period.

This was an actual reply to the Fundie's blog that is linked to from your link.

Re: Are you fucking serious?

Whew. For half a second there I thought that was YOU talking, and I thought we were going to have a problem. :)