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To everyone who voted for Obama: Thank you for taking away a little of my cynicism.

To the Republicans: Nyah-nyah! So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, fuck you!

To the majority of voters in California: Shame on you. I find it absolutely disgusting that you let that atrocity pass. I have never been so glad to no longer live in a place in my life, and if I did still live in California, this would be the final straw that drove me away.

To President-Elect Obama: Congratulations, sir. I ask only one thing: Last night you promised to be honest with us. Please keep that promise. If you do that and nothing else, you will be worthy of the trust we have placed in you. Oh, and good luck in your new job. You're going to need it.


I second that

What an exciting time! I can't wait to see who Obama names for his cabinet. From comments I read yesterday, I don't think he'll make everyone happy, but I think he'll make wise choices. But, I agree, he will need tons of luck, along with cooperation to fix the disaster Bush made of this country.

There's already a movement to repeal Prop 8

It seems a lot of people mis-voted, thinking that saying yes on 8 was saying yes to same-sex marriage... we'll fix this! I have hope!


Well, despite the loss on Prop 8, it was a hell of a lot closer to passing than in earlier years! Plus we already made history since we voted the first African-American president into the White House! And we have another good looking president and first lady as well! So here's to progress (even if slowly).

Come on Obama! Do your stuff to fix America!