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My one final word about the election

I've been asked to say something about the impending election. I've been avoiding it, because I can't be rational about this one. I can't even be civil about it. But why do I have to be civil? Fuck civility; I need to make my feelings absolutely clear.

So here it is:

If you vote for McCain and Palin, or if those of you in California vote in favor or Proposition 8, you can't be my friend anymore. I am dead serious. If you vote in favor of that bigoted old fuckbag and that retarded Barbie doll, or if you flat-out insult my little brother by voting for Prop 8, you can simply go fuck yourself.

I leave it up to individuals to let me know how they feel about this. And I would hope that each of you would have the balls to let me know if you're going to slap me, and the people I love, in the face in this way. I won't be asking anyone, but if I find out, no matter who wins, even if it's years from now, our friendship is over. I don't care who you are. I forgave a few Bush voters as simply being misguided; this time around, I can't attribute the conservative vote as anything but malicious, and I can't see it as anything but a personal attack.

So if you care about me, or your friendship with me, vote for Obama, and vote no on 8 if you're in Cali. If not, we're through.


I'm voting yes on Obama and no on Prop 8. Can we still be friends? ;)


One More

Count me a supporter of your ideas. And even though I can't vote on Prop 8, it seems to me that the only ones who feel threatened by the idea of two consenting adults entering a monogomous relationship are the ones who aren't too happy with their own lives to begin with.

As for the retarded Barbie doll, I honestly think that was McCain's death knell for his campaign. His advisors were wrong - you can't court women away from their views by throwing a couple ovaries on the ticket.



If you live in Washington and vote for Dino Rossi...count me in on the "won't be able to look you in the face again" column.
I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.

Takin a stand

yer doing it rite :)