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I got yer student groups, right here!

From Pharyngula and others today comes this utter bullshit about a student atheist group being denied permission to form.

Officially, that is.

The group is planning to rephrase their application and try again, to capitulate to the faith-heads, but there is another way...

Fall, 1990. I arrive on the campus of UW-Superior at age seventeen, after a year of spiritual exploration. I had spent much of my senior year of high school attending services at several different religious institutions, including a Catholic church, a mosque, a Buddhist temple, a synagogue, and a few flavors of Protestant church. I didn't find anything worth spending more time or thought on at any of them, but I still wasn't ready to actually call myself an atheist.

I also didn't know that meetings posted on the bulletin boards weren't necessarily mandatory, or sanctioned by the school or Residence Life. So I went to one that I thought I had to attend, about a week after school started.

Yep, you guessed it. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. They handed out a questionnaire, which I scoffed at, until I heard someone else in the crowd say that he was going to put down "Druid" for his religious affiliation.

I thought that was brilliant, so I did it too. And so, it seems, did a few other people. Enough so that a concerned IVCFer wrote a letter to the editor of the school paper about the rise of Satanism on campus.

Now, if I had been less of an asshole when I was seventeen, I would have written back and pointed out that Satanism is really just another Christian religion, and has nothing to do with old English pagan rituals. But I was an asshole at seventeen. So I wrote up a sign-up sheet instead.

The sheet was for the Inter-Varsity Druid Fellowship (IVDF for short). It was a simple call for volunteers. Druids, you see, perform sacrifices as part of certain festivals, and these sacrifices required virgins. As virgins were in short supply on college campuses, we needed to post a sign-up sheet in the most likely place to find them.

And where did I tape it up? Right on the door of the IVCF office.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a little honest competition. Be dishonest. They've been doing it for centuries.