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Can gays ride the bus in Indiana?

"What is it about gay men that terrifies people so much?"
--Hooper, Chasing Amy

Good question.

I admit to being a tiny bit squirmy when I first came in contact with the gay lifestyle in college, but it took me about a week to realize that (a) they knew I was straight; apparently we wear it like a hat, and (b) they're in many respects much better people than those who deride them. Now, I don't care who someone fucks (and really, that's all we're talking about); I care what they say and do. I have, and have had, many gay friends, and owe some of the best times of my life to those friendships.

And apparently a teacher in Indiana felt the same way. But she got suspended from her job for saying so.

Now, the news article doesn't list the full text of the editorial in question, but I can't imagine it's anything but a call for tolerance and understanding. Be nice. Don't judge. It's a good message. You know, the same kind of stuff that bald guy in India was talking about. Not to mention that dude in Jerusalem a couple thousand years ago whose name everybody likes to throw around.

But because she was asking for acceptance and tolerance of something that made her boss uncomfortable, she lost her job for saying it.

This woman may be the greatest American hero since Rosa Parks.


Wow, that actually pisses me off, and few things in the news do piss me off anymore. I hope that a-hole of a principle gets fires and the teacher gets her job back, because that's a great teacher there.
ditto what Brian said!